Featured in national publications such as NPR, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur for his practical, unconventional insights on leadership development, emotional intelligence and employee engagement, Krister Ungerböck is sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach.

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Krister led the transformation of a struggling family-owned business valued at less than $1 million into a global market leader valued at over $100 million. In the process, the company earned 5 consecutive Top Workplace awards and he was awarded the 40 Under 40 award.

He learned to lead in two foreign languages—French and German—after dropping out of Washington University’s prestigious Executive MBA program at age 25 to start businesses in the UK, France and Germany.

As the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist, he digs deep for unique insights in outlandish, undiscovered places that you won’t hear about in traditional business media.

Krister is the author of the upcoming book, The Language of Leadership. The book is the distillation of the communication secrets that Krister has learned over the past decade. In the book and in his keynotes on stage, he shares the secrets that he learned mining the minds of some of the greatest thinkers around the world—digging in dark places where others don’t in order to unearth unconventional leadership insights.

Krister has been called “the Brené Brown of Business” because, as a keynote speaker, he bravely shares breathtakingly real stories of his own setbacks, combined with concrete, immediately actionable steps for people to sidestep the mistakes he’s made.

Krister speaks on leadership development, communication, employee engagement and emotional intelligence. He’s spoken on 5 continents to people at all levels—from aspiring future leaders to senior executives.

Krister graduated from graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and became the youngest person ever hired into the IT practice of Booz-Allen, one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world.

Krister is a long-standing member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

At age 44, Krister became an accidental ultramarathoner, just months after a last place finish in his first 10K.

At age 12, he learned his first language—not a foreign language—but an archaic computer programming language called RPG.


Krister enjoys meeting new people—and when he does—they often ask, “Where does your name come from?”

Krister was born and raised in the United States. He’s the son of an immigrant from Austria, which is where the name Ungerböck originated. (If you’re thinking kangaroos, there are no kangaroos in Austria—that’s Australia. Austria is the European country tucked between Germany, Switzerland and Italy.)

The first name Krister is the Swedish version of Christopher. While there are only a handful of Kristers in the United States, Kristers are everywhere in Sweden.