An award-winning CEO and global leadership expert, Krister Ungerböck is the keynote speaker who delivers.

Meeting Planner: Book a leadership keynote speaker who delivers on all fronts. Krister Ungerböck is an award-winning CEO with an impressive track record and groundbreaking leadership message. With passion and energy, he tells a raw, gripping story of success and failure that captivates participants and sparks personal insights and self-discovery. Always mindful of the bottom line, every keynote delivers practical tips that leaders (at all levels) can apply immediately to drive employee engagement and business growth.


A brief introduction to Krister Ungerböck – leadership keynote speaker, author, CEO coach, and Leadership Archaeologist:

  • An award-winning hyper-growth CEO, Krister led a 3,000% growth in his technology company, driving profitability and growing the workforce from a handful of employees to hundreds of employees in 8 countries.

  • As CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world, Krister achieved remarkable employee engagement levels of 99.3% and won 5 consecutive Top Workplace Awards.

  • A unique, trilingual global leadership keynote speaker, Krister has done business in 40 countries, built businesses in 6, and lived in 3.

  • Author of The Language of Leadership: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love – Packed with practical advice to drive employee engagement, productivity and faster growth, this is a rare leadership book for those who don’t read leadership books—and those who do.

  • Leadership keynote speaker: A passionate, energizing and dynamic keynote speaker, Krister never loses sight of the audience’s critical need to increase employee engagement, productivity, growth, and profitability. Audiences get the inspiration + practical tips to apply The Language of Leadership – a unified language of leadership that drives connection, growth, and commitment.

  • Leadership coach: Krister specializes in coaching growth CEOs and Executive Teams around the world, so they will win the war for talent and meet strategic goals.

  • Leadership Archaeologist: A global leadership expert, Krister is an explorer of uncharted leadership lands. He digs into unexpected places to unearth and share unconventional leadership insights.

Award-winning CEO and global leadership expert, Krister Ungerböck delivers groundbreaking leadership lessons.



“Krister was a memorable and incredible speaker. His talk had the audience fully engaged in his inspiring story of the unique, practical, and surprising leadership lessons he learned during and after his time as a successful CEO.”
- Bernice Chao, Creative Director, TEDxCulverCity


I would highly recommend Krister for your next keynote. Krister’s approach to leadership is all about discovery. He takes you on a journey looking in unexpected places for the secrets of leadership."
- Vicki Hawarden,
VP of Events, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)


"Krister's talk was rated 9+ by attendees. Krister personalized a talk to our attendees' current challenges after leading a call to understand our needs."
- Britt Stender, Director, American Family Insurance


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The groundbreaking book to build better bosses—or become one—is coming soon! Click to learn more about The Language of Leadership: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love and sign up for video-guided exercises and selected content from the book before it’s available in stores.

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Krister Ungerböck is a proven CEO, dynamic keynote speaker, author, and highly regarded CEO coach.  

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  • Award-winning hyper-growth CEO who led a 3,000% growth technology company from a handful to hundreds of employees in eight countries

  • As the world's first Leadership Archaeologist™, Krister is an explorer of once-in-a-lifetime leadership experiences who digs in unexpected places to unearth unconventional leadership insights

  • Employee engagement expert and winner of five consecutive Top Workplace Awards

  • A unique, trilingual global leadership keynote speaker who has done business in 40 countries, built businesses in six and lived in three

  • Passionate, energizing, and dynamic keynote speaker

  • Author of the upcoming book THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love

  • Leadership coach to growth CEOs and Executive Teams around the world

Krister Ungerböck is a sought-after leadership keynote speaker on discovering the hidden secrets of leadership and success.  He takes audiences on an emotionally-charged journey to far off places to seize their full potential.  Let the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist inspire your audience, helping find their own hidden treasure, both personally and professionally.