Krister is a highly-regarded leadership keynote speaker, author and CEO coach. His audience for keynote speaking is broadly targeted at leaders of all levels in organizations of all sizes, but his CEO coaching is tightly focused on CEOs, Presidents and Executive Teams of growing business units with 50 to 500 employees.

Krister shares with CEOs and Executive Teams the hands-on practical lessons one can only learn from a CEO who's led a company to 3,000% global growth - from tens to hundreds of employees, and from one US location to offices in 8 countries worldwide. Along the way, Krister and his Executive Team won 5 consecutive Top Workplace Awards

Krister shares practical solutions to real-world CEO challenges in real-time. In addition to structured twice monthly coaching sessions, CEOs have 24/7 access to Krister as needs arise. Unlike many CEO coaches, Krister provides practical, immediately actionable steps on a wide range of challenges from personal to professional, strategic to tactical, and from sales to accounting. 


Krister facilitates workshops for Executive Teams to implement a growth strategy that enables them to double revenues and profitability within 3 to 5 years.  Once the strategy is developed, he facilitates quarterly workshops to set quarterly priorities, train leadership teams, and drive accountability for results. Over 5 years in his own company, Krister drove a $65 million dollar increase in shareholder value using the same proven growth planning methodologies (Rockefeller Habits/ScaleUp™ and Traction/EOS™).   


Growing companies outgrow leaders. Krister helps existing leaders grow faster, to avoid the significant risk and expense of hiring external executives. He coaches leaders in groups to allow younger leaders to learn from senior leaders' experiences.

Leaders bring specific challenges to each session. Through  a mix of role play, teaching and probing questions, Krister helps leaders solve issues in real time while the rest of the group observes.The benefit is that leaders learn from each others' experiences, while also increasing alignment, creating shared team experiences and developing a common leadership language.


Many growth CEOs struggle from what is referred to in the book Good to Great as "the genius with a thousand helpers" syndrome. Krister helps CEOs get clarity on the leaders they need to grow faster, how to develop internal leaders and how to hire from the outside if necessary.

If a company is outgrowing its leadership bandwidth, Krister helps CEOs supplement their Executive Team with key external hires. Krister's hands-on experience hiring top executives helps his CEOs avoid failed executive hires that can easily cost a growing company millions in lost revenue and loss of key employees.  

"Managers can be managed, but Executives must be led."

Most importantly, Krister helps CEOs develop the new leadership skills required to effectively lead a true Executive Team.