The first fifty founding members of the Leadership Archaeologist Society are chosen from the nominations of the existing members. Upon being awarded membership, each new member nominates 10 persons and the existing members vote on all nominees to date to select the next member.


Once the fifty founding members are selected, membership will be open for applicants who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Thought-leader or influencer with combined social media following of 100,000+ people

  • President, COO or 2nd-in-command (2IC) of an organization with 500+ employees

  • Senior Executive Team member in an organization with 1,000+ employees

  • CEO of an organization with 100+ employees

  • A 25% shareholder in a company with 250+ employees

  • CEO or Executive Director of a nonprofit with 50+ employees

  • Board member of at least 3 different organizations with a combined 1,000+ employees“Meaningful influence on the lives of 500+ people” is defined as meeting at least one of the following criteria:

More information will be provided after the launch of the book THE LEADERSHIP ARCHAEOLOGIST: 12 TOOLS TO UNEARTH UNSEEN POTENTIAL.

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