The groundbreaking book about building better bosses—
or becoming one…

…is coming soon to a bookstore near you.

What’s the secret to increased profitability, employee engagement, and faster growth?

Better bosses.

And what’s the simplest, most practical way to build better bosses—or become one? Upgrade your language of leadership. Why? Because many high-potential leaders’ hearts are in the right place, but often, their words are not.


In The Language of Leadership, Krister Ungerböck shares his journey across five continents to discover the leadership secrets that eluded him as CEO of a global company that grew 3,000 percent.

What he discovered was a unified language of leadership that drives connection, growth, and commitment—both at work, and at home. Packed with powerful fill-in-the-blanks phrases, simple say-this-not-that rules, and unconventional leadership challenges, this book helps you handcraft the words you use in $1 million conversations that will make your year—or your career—as well as the $1,000 conversations you have every day.

Equally appealing to young, aspiring leaders, as well as senior leaders, The Language of Leadership is packed with practical tips to help leaders align their words with their hearts—and win the hearts of those around them.

Start building better bosses—or becoming one—by upgrading your Language of Leadership.


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Kriser Ungerböck is a CEO Coach, leadership keynote speaker, and global expert on how leaders communicate. Prior to retiring at age 42, Krister was the award-winning CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world.

As the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist, Krister has done business in forty countries, built businesses in six, and lived in three. He’s traveled to the corners of the earth in order to discover the secrets to leading with emotional intelligence—secrets he now shares as a keynote speaker and CEO coach. Those secrets enabled his team to win five consecutive Top Workplace Awards and achieve employee engagement levels of 99.3% percent.