Technology keynote speaker Krister Ungerböck shares leadership lessons as an award-winning software CEO

Krister Ungerböck is a unique technology keynote speaker who shares stories of his firsthand experience growing one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world. Under his leadership, this technology company mushroomed from a handful of people in St Louis to a global market leader with hundreds of employees in 8 countries, on 5 continents.

Krister retired at age 42 to become the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist and a technology keynote speaker. On stage, Krister shares secrets he uncovered on his global journey to leadership lands not covered by traditional business media. He captivates audiences with tales of his perspective-shifting journey to discover the leadership secrets that eluded him while he was the award-winning CEO of a global company that saw 3,000% growth. As CEO, Krister led the transformation of the company culture that resulted in 5 consecutive Top Workplace Awards.

Technology companies are competing for talent. Win the war for talent, and the battle for customers is easy. Attracting, motivating and retaining engineers – not to mention getting analytical introverts and sales/marketing extroverts to play well in the sandbox – is a common challenge in technology that limits the ability to pursue growth aggressively.

As a technology keynote speaker, Krister’s message resonates broadly with technology audiences, thanks to his hands-on experience working with nearly every functional area in an industry-leading software company.

Krister began his career as a software engineer at age 12! He later worked in IBM’s prestigious Rochester software development lab at age 19 and led his first software development team at age 21. Krister moved into his first full-time leadership role at age 24. He led technology teams as well as professional services, customer success, and product management teams. Later, he led marketing and sales teams and global business units that fueled the company’s aggressive growth.

In his presentations, technology keynote speaker Krister introduces his proven leadership approach – the Language of Leadership – which drives connection, growth, and commitment. Tech industry audiences appreciate learning a leadership language that works equally well at work and at home.



Why Krister Ungerböck is the technology keynote speaker for your group:

  1. An award-winning hyper-growth CEO, Krister led a 3,000% growth in his technology company, driving profitability and growing the workforce from a handful of employees to hundreds of employees in 8 countries.

  2. As CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world, Krister achieved remarkable employee engagement levels of 99.3% and won 5 consecutive Top Workplace Awards.

  3. A unique, trilingual global leadership keynote speaker, Krister has done business in 40 countries, built businesses in 6, and lived in 3.

  4. Krister delivers groundbreaking leadership concepts through gripping stories of success and failure interspersed with practical strategies to drive business growth.

  5. Attendees walk away with a new language they can immediately apply – The Language of Leadership.

Perfect for these audiences:

  • High-potential employees, particularly in the technology industry

  • Entrepreneurial CEOs

  • Leaders at all levels including aspiring new leaders and seasoned senior executives

  • Professional conferences, leadership conferences, association conferences, corporate leadership and sales meetings

Audience take-aways:

An in-demand technology keynote speaker, Krister’s presentations are packed with practical tips and strategies. He guides and inspires audience members to apply the leadership lessons he shares, so they can:

  1. Develop leaders by winning the war for talent, retaining top employees, and grooming aspiring leaders

  2. Increase productivity by sparking employee engagement, increasing loyalty, and decreasing turnover

  3. Drive business growth and profitability

Presentations are highly personalized to meet your unique needs.

While many speakers “customize” their talk by swapping out a few data points, Krister takes time to dig deep. He’ll talk with you about your event’s objectives and your audience members’ leadership challenges.

Together – as you discuss the options for specific leadership topics to address and messages to impart – you’ll determine the perfect balance for your group. When you book Krister as your employee engagement keynote speaker, he will deliver memorable leadership lessons, combined with practical tips and actionable strategies your audience members can immediately apply.

An award-winning CEO and global leadership expert, Krister Ungerböck delivers groundbreaking leadership lessons.



“Krister was a memorable and incredible speaker. His talk had the audience fully engaged in his inspiring story of the unique, practical, and surprising leadership lessons he learned during and after his time as a successful CEO.”
Bernice Chao, Creative Director,


“Krister blends Brené Brown’s compassion with Dan Pink’s discovery and storytelling. Powerful yet humble. Energizing yet practical. Krister shares surprising ideas and approaches from around the world that make a huge impact.”
Doug Bauche, Chief Credit Officer
Enterprise Bank & Trust


I would highly recommend Krister for your next keynote. Krister’s approach to leadership is all about discovery. He takes you on a journey looking in unexpected places for the secrets of leadership. He helps your people realize their full potential."
Vicki Hawarden, VP of Events, 
Meeting Professionals International




Krister is a proven hyper-growth CEO, with a shelf full of awards to show for it.



Krister has traveled to 40 countries, built companies in six, lived in three.



No canned speeches here. Every event is uniquely tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the audience.



From the first call to the thunderous applause of your audience, Krister is the epitome of professionalism, responsiveness, and service.



Unlike any other speaker, Krister takes audiences on a vulnerable journey of discovery, packed with unexpected twists, actionable ideas, and powerful inspiration.



Krister shares his setbacks, not only his successes. His deeply personal, revealing approach leaves audiences leaning forward and then leaping to their feet.



Krister’s keynotes are fun and energizing, but audiences get more than a good time. They emerge with practical and actionable ideas and insights to drive meaningful performance for years to come.



Krister’s principles come to life through energizing, uplifting, and memorable stories that moves audiences to courageous actions - personally and professionally.