Award-winning CEO and leadership keynote speaker – with a proven track record of driving business growth.

Groundbreaking leadership lessons don’t come easily. Krister Ungerböck grew his software company 3,000% – from a small team in St. Louis to hundreds of employees in 8 countries. Chart-topping employee engagement ratings of 99.3% led to 5 consecutive annual Top Workplace Awards.

As a global leadership expert – the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist – Krister has done business in 40 countries, built businesses in 6, and lived in 3. A retired tech CEO at age 42, he travels to the corners of the earth (so you don’t have to) in order to discover hidden, powerful leadership secrets.

Many leadership lessons were hard won.

In his keynotes and book – The Language of Leadership – Krister shares a real, raw, gripping story of success and failure, mistakes and missteps, and business breakups. Audiences and readers gain surprising insights and self-discovery that shift their perspective … forever.

Krister’s groundbreaking leadership approach “cracks the code” to employee engagement, increased profitability, and faster growth: Better bosses. What’s the simplest, most practical way to build better bosses – or become one? Upgrade your language of leadership. As Krister says, “The easiest way to change how we lead is to change our words.”

Krister is a dynamic, sought-after leadership keynote speaker.

Meeting Planners rely on Krister to deliver inspiring and actionable keynotes to leaders (at all levels) in associations and organizations around the world, particularly in the technology industry.

In his keynote presentations, Krister tackles today’s most pressing topics. He addresses employee engagement, winning the war for talent, retaining high-potential employees, developing leaders, and business growth. Plus, he shares a moving, must-hear message for aspiring young leaders, entrepreneurial CEOs, and seasoned senior executives. His thought-provoking look at leadership – infused with practical tips – inspires leaders to gain an advantage in this highly competitive world.

A fascinating storyteller, Krister’s captivating keynotes are both deeply personal and exceptionally action-oriented. Krister stands out as a successful CEO who bravely shares breathtakingly real stories combined with concrete, actionable steps that guide audience members to drive business growth and profitability.

An award-winning CEO and global leadership expert, Krister Ungerböck delivers groundbreaking leadership lessons.


“Krister was a memorable and incredible speaker. His talk had the audience fully engaged in his inspiring story of the unique, practical, and surprising leadership lessons he learned during and after his time as a successful CEO.”

Bernice Chao, Creative Director,


Krister Ungerböck is the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist™.  He travels the world to unearth the most powerful – and often surprising – models, ideas, and secrets of leadership.


Previously, Krister was the award-winning CEO of a 3,000% growth tech company. During his time leading Ungerboeck Software, he did business in 40 countries, built businesses in six, and lived in three. He also learned to speak French and German as an adult, which gives him a unique perspective on communication. Then, over the past few years, he became a prominent CEO coach and highly desired keynote speaker… but a very different kind than one might expect. In a sea of speakers spouting clichéd success secrets, Krister stands out as a successful CEO who bravely shares breathtakingly real stories of his own setbacks, combined with concrete, immediately actionable steps for audiences to sidestep the mistakes he’s made.

For the past decade, Krister has been on a “seeking secrets” journey, mining the minds of some of the greatest thinkers around the world and across disciplines, digging in dark places where others don’t… all to unearth unseen insights into the question of why growth companies tend to outgrow their leaders so quickly.

In addition to exploring the globe for new leadership insights and ideas, Krister is a top-rated leadership keynote speaker, CEO coach and consultant, and author of the highly upcoming book, THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love


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