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We can put links on here for Potential Customers, Customers, Potential Employees (I assume we don’t need a web page for existing employees because that can be communicated verbally)

Here are some rough thoughts for the content. We could also include a letter from Manish here as well. Keep in mind that as the author of the book I can say things that Manish can’t

I continue to be an equal owner in the company. If I was concerned about the future of the company, why would I publish a book that would call attention to that fact?

I absolutely and utterly certain that no high-performing employee has taken any actions to spread negative rumors about the company. I am also certain that the persons who are spreading these rumors have either been terminated for lack of performance, departed voluntarily after they were demoted, or were encouraged to leave. While the shroud of silence in their severance agreements has long since expired, I will not share their names, but if they choose to identify themselves to you by being the ones who are sharing negative information

If you hear a negative comment directly from a former employee who claims to have knowledge about the relationships within the Ungerboeck family, I would suggest that you ask them about their own family relationships. How strong are their ties to their children, parents and ex-wives? I can assure you - because I am well-aware of who these individuals are - that the railroad ties that bind the members of the Ungerboeck family are mush stronger than the frayed strings holding theirs together.

But more importantly, when you encounter those individuals who continue to hold onto anger and resentments, I encourage you to practice the tools of empathy in Chapter 5… Gently acknowledge their pain and the sadness they feel and remind them of the words of Buddha from chapter 7: “Holding on to anger is like holding a hot coal in your hand with the intention of throwing it at someone else, the only person it hurts is yourself.”

Encourage them to read the book and begin their own Leadership Archaeologists journey. I wrote this book for people like them to stop projecting their own internal struggles onto others and work to heal themselves.

I share the powerful Leadership Archaeologist with everyone, even those who may call me their enemy.

For they are not my enemies, I know that my only enemy is me.

Encourage them to begin their own journey. Encourage them to dig deep and dispel their inner demons.

Bon Courage


PS: I can’t help but ask, are you looking for a keynote speaker, you can INVITE ME TO SPEAK here.

PPS: If you are one of those disgruntled employees reading this who still harbors resentment toward me, I apologize and I am sad that you continue to hurt after so many years. At the same time, I am conflicted because I am also thankful that to you because this page will likely be a good source of leads for my keynote speaking business. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity!