Words to Transform How
We Lead, Live and Love

This book will change how you lead – if you allow it to.

What’s the secret to increased profitability, employee engagement and faster growth?

Better bosses. And what’s the simplest, most practical way to build better bosses—or become one?

Upgrade your language of leadership.


Packed with powerful fill-in-the-blanks phrases, this book helps you handcraft the words you use in high-stakes $1 million conversations that will make your year—or your career—as well as the countless $1,000 conversations you have every day.

A rare leadership book for those who don’t read leadership books—and those who do.

Based on leadership lessons learned on 5 continents, award-winning CEO Krister Ungerböck takes you on a global journey to uncharted leadership lands not covered by the traditional business press. In his quest to discover the leadership secrets that had eluded him as CEO, Krister discovered his most profound secret—a unified language of leadership that that drives connection, growth, and commitment that works equally well at work, and at home.  

High-potential leaders’ hearts are in the right place, but often—unknowingly—their words are not. Equally appealing to young, aspiring leaders, as well as senior leaders—and their spouses—The Language of Leadership (TLOL) is packed with practical tips to help leaders align their words with their hearts—and win the hearts of those around them.

This book will change your life – if you allow it to.

A real, raw, gripping story of success and failure, mistakes and missteps, and business breakups, this book is firehose of insight and self-discovery that will shift your perspective… forever.

Now, finally, at your fingertips is a powerful, unified language of leadership.

Why struggle with different languages for work and home, when you can master one? Learn THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love.

Coming soon, start building better bosses—or becoming one—on Boss’s Day, October 16.

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  • The Language of Emotional Intelligence
    Mastering Emotional Connection at Work (and at Home)

  • The Road to 99.3% Employee Engagement

  • The Language of Expertise
    (and Why It Doesn’t Work)

  • What the Research into Romantic Love Teaches Us About How to Help Employees Love Their Jobs (and Bosses) More

  • The Language of Requests
    How to Get Things Done Through Others (Even Teenagers)

  • Why Companies Outgrow Leaders (and What to Do About It)

  • The Language of Listening
    (and the Real Reason Why We Don’t Do It)

  • How to Give People an Authority Raise (Instead of a Pay Raise)

  • How to Get an Enthusiastic YES, by Giving People The License to Say No

  • The Magic Management 8-Ball Challenge

  • The Language of Discovery
    Breaking Johari’s Window (and Opening Pandora’s Box)

  • The #1 Conflict Resolution Skill That Companies Don’t Teach

  • How to Confront Your Boss (or Anyone)

  • How to Stop Managing Conflict, and Start Transforming It

  • How to Power Productivity With Positivity