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This perspective-changing look at leadership is a roadmap for both aspiring young leaders, entrepreneurial CEOs and seasoned senior executives seeking to dig deeper and unearth unseen potential in their organizations, their teams, and their lives.

As the world's first Leadership Archaeologist, Krister Ungerboeck ventures to uncharted leadership lands to discover the leadership secrets that eluded him while he was the award-winning CEO of a global tech company that saw 3,000% growth.

Explore the surprising tools Krister discovered beyond the well-worn path to wisdom covered by traditional business media and corporate education programs. He reveals rare leadership lessons learned doing business in over 40 countries, building businesses in six, and living in three.

The Leadership Archaeologist is a must-read message for leaders looking to leapfrog rungs on the career ladder and distinguish themselves in a cutthroat, competitive corporate world.


The world’s first Leadership Archaeologist, Krister Ungerboeck is an award-winning CEO, leadership keynote speaker and CEO coach. During his tenure, his company grew 3,000% - from a small group in St Louis to hundreds of employees in 8 countries - to become one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world.

An expert on employee engagement and global business growth, Krister has done business in forty countries, built businesses in six, and lived in three—winning five consecutive Top Workplace awards along the way. 


  • The Surprising Secret to Listening

  • Why Companies Outgrow Leaders (And What To Do About It)

  • The Emotional Einstein: How Logical Leaders Learn Emotional Intelligence

  • How to Power Productivity with Positivity