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Your business is thriving, but you feel like fending off dangers like failure or plateauing rests on your shoulders alone. Even smart CEOs of growth companies can unwittingly fall victim to a peculiar cocktail of over-confidence and fear, relying on old leadership methods as their growth company outgrows them. But there are twelve essential leadership tools that can help you achieve the next level of success with less stress.

Award-winning CEO and captivating keynote speaker Krister Ungerboeck, aka "the Leadership Archaeologist," has spent his career digging in unexplored places to discover what makes the best leaders tick. His all-important guide will help you recognize your blind spots, increase employee engagement, build enduring business relationships, and master the new leadership skills you’ll require to double your business with less stress.

With Seeking CEO Secrets, accelerate your business—and leadership—growth, transform your leadership style, and supercharge employee engagement.


Krister Ungerboeck is an award-winning CEO whose company grew 3,000% during his tenure—from a struggling family business to a global market leader with offices in eight countries. Krister has done business in forty countries, built businesses in six, and lived in three—winning five consecutive Top Workplace awards along the way.

Now a celebrated author, leadership keynote speaker, and CEO coach, Krister is the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist. He explores the farthest corners of the world and digs the darkest depths of the minds of leaders (so you don’t have to) in order to discover hidden business gems and surprising leadership secrets.